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What are National Commissions?

Of UNESCO's 188 Member States and 5 Associate Members, 190 have set up National Commissions. Under the Organization's Constitution, the National Commissions, composed of members of the intellectual and scientific communities in each country, form the vital link between these communities and UNESCO. These 189 bodies also constitute UNESCO's privileged partners charged with facilitating the outreach of the Organization to civil society.

Unique in this respect, within the United Nations system, and recognized by their own Charter in 1978, the National Commissions represent a special resource for the dissemination of information and best practice in programme support and evaluation.

They also organize their own activities, implement activities on behalf of UNESCO and disseminate information about UNESCO, often through publication of books and documents in national languages. UNESCO's Secretariat- at Headquarters and in the field offices- maintains interactive relations with National Commissions.

In addition, regular meetings of the Secretaries General of National Commissions on the regional and interregional level serve to keep UNESCO informed on local, as well as global needs. Hence, capacity-building for these bodies, via training and research, is a priority investment for UNESCO.

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